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The Next Generation of Micro J's RMS Software Now Available. Version 7 PcHunter and Tempus Fugit Final Release Approved for Distribution

Santa Monica, California (January 4, 2002), Micro J Systems Inc. is now shipping Version 7 PcHunter and Tempus Fugit software to customers. Volunteers from the end-user Beta-test group of over one hundred PcHunter and Tempus Fugit users unanimously agree that the Version 7 release is very solid, full of exciting new features and definitely ready for mission-critical recruitment management.

Bob Rossi, Vice President of National Search Associates, a 40 desk search and staffing firm in San Diego California, reports that; "7.0 is as close to bullet-proof as any software product we have used. We utilize both PcHunter and Tempus and are very pleased with this release. Our users love the revamped resume search capabilities and List Management. We are just getting into the powerful new built-in reports."

For Micro J Systems, Inc., developer of the PcHunter and Tempus Fugit staffing management software, distribution of the Version7 software truly marks the next generation of Micro J's products. Built upon an upgraded database engine, this version offers features and new technology that affirm Micro J's position as an industry leader.

Since commercial release in 1986, PcHunter, and Tempus Fugit are now used by almost 6,000 staffing professionals at more than 1,250 firms worldwide. The small company's visionary President and CEO, Mimi Slater made the decision earlier this year to allocate resources, pushing for a major software upgrade to be release by the end of 2001.

When the recruitment market conditions got rough earlier this year Ms. Slater held firm to plans for launching Version 7 by 2002. "I believe in actions, and by launching Version 7 now, I hope the message to our users (and our competitors) is clear. Micro J is built to last, and our customers can take security in our commitment to continued development, support, and services they can depend on. I'd like to congratulate our Product Manager, Mr. Bret Kinkele on producing a solid upgrade, including features based on our users' feedback. And for embracing new technology that will serve to give our users a distinct edge in the competitive field of recruitment and staffing."


About Micro J Systems Inc.

Micro J Systems is the recognized leader in providing application software and information systems to the domestic and international staffing industry. Micro J was founded in 1983 as an executive search firm. The Information Systems division was created in 1986 to develop and market software specifically designed to automate the practices of staffing (Tempus Fugit) and recruiting (PcHunter) professionals. Micro J is a privately held company.

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