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Micro J Systems Inc. Net Profits Rose Steeply in 2002 Despite Rough Going in the Recruiting & Technology Industries. Up Trend in Profits Likely to Continue Through 2003, Growth Fueled by New Products, Brand Recognition and Quality

Santa Monica, California ( March 21, 2003), Micro J's new seventh generation of software products ushered in the year 2002, and when the books closed on 2002 Micro J recorded net profits up by 60%! A combination of factors contributed to Micro J's ability to thrive in a lean year. Micro J's strategy heading into 2002 was to trim any unnecessary spending, nurture Micro J's internal talent, bring advertising to a grass roots level and to allow product quality and new enhancements to speak for Micro J's direction. A strong customer base consisting of thousands of licensed users on Micro J's software products play a large part in it's continued success through old-fashioned word of mouth advertising, enthusiastic testimonials and customer references.

Micro J's Sales and Marketing department reports, "Nearly 50% of new business can be ultimately traced to customer referrals, that is really a very strong statement about Micro J's software." Micro J is still the recruiting and staffing industry's best-kept secret, Michelle Bier, Micro J Sales and Marketing Coordinator says, "some customers treat the software like its a secret weapon, I can think of several boutique firms that boast a consistent annual per-desk billing average upwards of a million dollars, who politely decline to endorse the product through testimonial because they feel their competitive edge is Micro J. That being the case, we respect their privacy absolutely." After restructuring prices in 2001, Micro J further increased the value of its products during 2002 by streamlining the implementation process with the Quick Start training pack, which further reduced new customers' adoption expense and decreased their time to realize ROI.

When asked about Micro J's plans for 2003, CEO Mimi Slater says, "we are riding the crest of a wave and its about quality, the company enjoys the stature of being a pioneering software developer in the recruitment field, and our success and longevity are things our customers purchase when they choose Micro J."

Another year of continuing growth is forecasted for 2003. The year started out strong in Q1 with last month's launch of a new software add-on, the Outlook Snap Module linking Microsoft Outlook users' email to Micro J data, and the publication of a new white paper detailing an upgrade path for Macintosh users that want to run the latest version of the PcHunter software. Coming software releases for 2003 beyond the recent 7.5 feature upgrade are top secret, the product manager can't reveal any details yet, saying only that, "Micro J is poised to dominate its market segment, we are in a unique position of strength and experience to deliver outstanding support and software to search pro's across the nation. Quality will continue to be the driving force in Micro J's software development and support services"


About Micro J Systems Inc.

Micro J Systems is the recognized leader in providing application software and information systems to the domestic and international staffing industry. Micro J was founded in 1983 as an executive search firm. The Information Systems division was created in 1986 to develop and market software specifically designed to automate the practices of staffing (Tempus Fugit) and recruiting (PcHunter) professionals. Micro J is a privately held company.

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