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Micro J to Unveil a New Suite of .NET Based Software for Staffing and Recruiting Pro's in 2006.

Pasadena, California (November 16, 2005), Micro J Systems, Inc. the developer of PcHunter and Tempus Fugit announces software development plans for 2006 that include the launch of a new product line designed to meet the needs of the next generation of contingency and retained recruiters, and staffing professionals. The product line will offer a suite of modules and will be marketed to a wide variety of human capital resource managers. Changes within the recruiting and staffing industries since the late 90's have given rise to a new breed of personnel consulting services and blended recruitment practices that now offer a wide range of services to their clients. Micro J's new product will accommodate all types of candidate, client and job order management and will support everything from boutique headhunting, temp employment, temp to perm, 24 hour clock and overlapping shift work such as in medical staffing, and project based consulting fields such as auditing and engineering contractors.

Over the past year the Micro J development team has been quietly laying out their product roadmaps for 2006 and beyond. Working with a small focus group of industry veterans, users and long time partners, Micro J has crystallized product plans and assembled a special development team of top talent.

In 2006 Micro J will roll out a new software suite based on a format that will enable users to take advantage of all the latest technology available to the human capital industry. The new product line will support HR-XML connectivity, and the use of SQL server. It has been built from the ground up to support open standards of data exchange including HR-XML, ODBC and .NET web services. With the new software Micro J users will be able to exchange their data with HRIS, ERM, and job boards as well as public and private databases.

The new software suite has recently been deployed to a select number of Alpha sites and features the following characteristics:

  • Scalable Open Architecture
  • HR-XML 2.1 Support
  • SQL Server Option
  • Native Support for .NET Webservices
  • Fully Integrated Resume Parsing
  • Integrated HTML Direct Email Marketing
  • A Client Server Application with Hosted Option
  • Sales Driven Workflow and Robust CRM
  • Easy Screen Layouts, Drag and Drop, and Custom Field Settings
  • Easy PDA or Blackberry Hand Held Data Access
  • Integration with Outlook Calendar and Contact Synch
  • Staffing Module Available with QuickBooks® Data Integration Link
  • Corporate Website Integration
  • Multi-Agency Support

"The new software will enable Micro J to court enterprise class customers with HR-XML and ODBC compliance requirements, and who want a system that operates in an SQL server environment with a high degree of database security, control, and connectivity” states the CEO of Micro J, Mimi Slater. “With the new software suite scheduled for availability in 2006 Micro J is making a bid to win a monstrous slice of the market share in new software sales. Many small under-capitalized software companies sprang up overnight in early 2000, but found they couldn't meet the expectations many industry veterans had for their software, causing an expensive cycle of adopt and discard for many trying to find the best technology solution to ensure their practice's competitive advantage. In the post rise and fall of true web based recruitment solutions, which largely fell short of recruiter's expectations Micro J's new product will be in a position to deliver that advantage. Micro J has invested heavily in R&D over the past year to create a product that will meet and exceed the needs of today's staffing and recruiting marketplace. Micro J's business model, end user expectation, and customer confidence will all be perpetuated by the new product. Cultivating a partner relationship with customers is one of the keys to Micro J's past success. We will continue to foster a partner culture in sales, support , and service.”

Micro J's Product Manager Bret Kinkele, further explains, “The ability to access data remotely has been a deciding factor for many firms purchasing software over the past few years. It's just unfortunate that most people thought this required a browser based solution. Browser based applications have well known and inherent weaknesses with regards to the end user experience. Tasks easily performed in desktop applications, like clicking a keyboard shortcut or keeping multiple windows open become difficult and sometimes impossible when an application is run from a browser. It's a usability nightmare. From its inception Micro J's core goal has been to make software that's easy to use. One of our fist ad campaigns in the early 90's was “If you can open a desk drawer you can use this software.” We wanted to make sure that this rang true with our new offering. The key for us was finding a balance between remote connectivity and a usable interface that the end user will find intuitive and most importantly, productive. This is why early on we made the decision to develop a .NET based smart client application.”

“Smart Clients do away with the shortcomings of browser or web based solutions by offering a rich user experience with all the advantages of remote connectivity and centralized management. The new product is a client server application. Hosted options will make it easy for organizations to choose what is most suitable for their infrastructure and growth plans.” Bret concludes.

Micro J plans to expand in-house call center operations at the new Micro J headquarters in Pasadena . The product line will offer a refreshing look and feel backed by cutting edge technology built to target Microsoft's .NET framework combined with Micro J's proven record of winning technical support , comprehensive end user training, and quick start implementation services.

Micro J has a new opt-in newsletter subscription form online. Members of the press, customers, and prospects are invited to visit to subscribe. Email news subscribers will be among the first to see the new suite of software from Micro J in 2006.

The PcHunter and Tempus Fugit product lines will continue to be developed, support ed, and sold by Micro J. The new product line will be offered in addition to these classic software titles. Existing Micro J customers who are members of the MPP program, Micro J's annual subscription for end user support and software maintenance and upgrades, will receive special pricing offers and conversion tools to migrate their data to the new software suite if they desire.


About Micro J Systems Inc.

Micro J Systems is the recognized leader in providing application software and information systems to the domestic and international staffing industry. Micro J was founded in 1983 as an executive search firm. The Information Systems division was created in 1986 to develop and market software specifically designed to automate the practices of staffing (Tempus Fugit) and recruiting (PcHunter) professionals. Micro J is a privately held company.

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