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Feature Set Announcement and Beta Group Call Out for Version 8.5 of Micro J’s PcHunter and Tempus Fugit Software

Pasadena, California (November 18, 2005), Micro J Systems, Inc. will roll out their latest Micro J software product upgrade, Version 8.5 before the end of 2005. The version 8.5 software release will contain new features and enhancements benefiting staffing clients, as well as corporate and third party recruitment practice professionals who rely on the Micro J software products PcHunter or Tempus Fugit to manage their staffing or recruitment operations. The beta group will be assembled to form a representative cross section of all Micro J clients.

Micro J is pleased to offer these significant program enhancements:

Job Posting

  • Direct posting of PcHunter or Tempus Fugit job orders to a corporate website (FTP Access is required for direct posting to work, or choose to post to a LAN location)
  • User customizable HTML templates, enable the end user to apply their own logo and style for maximum branding. Over 15 fields supported for use in the template.
  • Option to export JO's to HTML for emailing or posting online

Activity keyword search

  • End users can perform a keyword search to find information contained inside the activities note field content pertinent to people, companies, or Job Orders.
  • The activity keyword search feature has Boolean operator support for and/or and begins with.

New Email Preferences for all Contact & Candidate records

  • Do Not Send email preference, when activated on a record no emails will be sent to the individual, even if they appear on an email broadcast list. The record is flagged to be skipped, no outgoing email will be sent and no email complete activity will be logged into history.
  • Set a person’s home or work email delivery default choice, and a new option in the email compose and email broadcast window allows you to select the usual work or home delivery setting and a new option for the recipient’s preference override.

Additional User Preferences:

  • Default Activity Type for emails and email broadcast. Emails that are sent will be entered in the recipient’s history under the specified default activity type with email content in activity notes and also appear in the history of linked records, such as to a client or job order.
  • When working in the list window the Send to Excel command now supports Open Office.
  • Terminal Server specific options and enhancements for a better thin client experience.
  • Support for Legacy dialer for users that don't want to use windows telephony.

Administrative Restrictions

Administrators can now set secure global settings for email and prevent end users from overriding them.

OneClick Link to Quickbooks (Tempus Fugit Only)

Tempus Fugit customers who use Quickbooks® 2004 or higher with their Tempus Fugit 8.5 will be able to use the new feature from Micro J called “OneClick ™” Oneclick™ gives QuickBooks® users a new link to automatically send audited bill and pay data directly into Quickbooks® accounting software. The new integration for Quickbooks users is designed to make payroll and invoicing in-house a snap for staffing business owners who are already using the top selling financial software package from Intuit.

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About Micro J Systems Inc.

Micro J Systems is the recognized leader in providing application software and information systems to the domestic and international staffing industry. Micro J was founded in 1983 as an executive search firm. The Information Systems division was created in 1986 to develop and market software specifically designed to automate the practices of staffing (Tempus Fugit) and recruiting (PcHunter) professionals. Micro J is a privately held company.

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