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Organize Your Work

Make your data easy to find. Information is your greatest asset. It's time to stop wading through piles of paper, trying to turn the flood of data into something useful; let PcHunter keep you organized automatically.

Feature - Shortcut Menu

Organize Your Company Files

PcHunter helps you control the flow of information by making it easy to find data. To find a company, you click a button, type the company name and that company’s record is displayed instantly. Things don’t fall through the cracks with PcHunter.


"Data entry is a snap. We never have to enter and track duplicate information." David Sterenfeld, Corporate Dynamix

Turn Relationships Into Deals

One of the keys to successful recruiting is building relationships and using them to your advantage. Unlike general business or sales databases and contact managers, PcHunter maintains live links between your companies, people and Job Orders. You can follow these links through your data to uncover just the right candidate or contact.


Click and Go

Throughout the program you will notice underlined fields that function like hyperlinks providing a pathway through your data. So from a company record you can click and go directly to any of your contacts at that company or to the parent company. No other recruitment program makes it as easy to turn relationships into deals.

Organize Your Candidates and Contacts

Your people drawer organizes records of your candidates, company contacts and leading players in your industry or niche.


Choose the Right Level of Detail

PcHunter always shows you just the information you’re looking for, whether you’re looking up a phone number or making a complete presentation.


Contact Information is Displayed First

Details are available at the click of a button. You can print or display a complete profile when you need all your ammunition. A direct link to your word processor gives you live access to unlimited access to unlimited notes, images or even video clips.


All of your files are organized in this Contact / Details / Profiles / Notes format so you always get just the information you need.

"The screen layouts make it easy to find those little details that help us work faster and be more responsive to clients" Peggy Chong VP, Berkhemer/Clayton

Organize Your Job Orders or Search Assignments

Your Job Order Drawer organizes your Job Orders or search assignments. Entering a job order is easy. How many times have you gotten an order for a job just like the one you placed recently? With PcHunter, just "insert a duplicate" of the previous job order and modify the contact information. All the codes and skills remain the same without you having to reenter it all.


"90% of the products we saw gave little or no focus on search assignments. With PcHunter we can drive the whole search from the job order. RMS gives us the tools to manage and control our searches."
Dennis Rizzo, Bentley Price Associates

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