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Speed Up Your Search

Everything is speeding up. Just as the FAX and Federal Express changed the pace of the search and placement business in the 80's and 90's, the new millennium demands that the successful recruiter embrace the technology advantage of today's computers. You have to move faster than your competition to get the deal.

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You categorize your entire database using your own system of keywords called datacodes. You use these keywords to search companies, people, or job orders for specific industries, occupations, locations, skills and other information.

Datacodes are a system of tagging the attributes or characteristics that distinguish one person from another person, one company from another company or one job order from another job order. But datacodes are more than a method of codifying the resumes, job orders and company profiles you deal with on a daily basis. They’re a tool you can use to translate data into related, manageable chunks of information.

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Micro J has authored a guide that explains how to set up a system of keywords that works for your practice. A FREE consultation session with one of our implementation specialists is included with your purchase so you get things set up right the first time.

PcHunter puts your database to work. As soon as you enter a Job Order, you can instantly cross-reference your entire candidate file to create a list of candidates who match the job’s requirements. By changing search criteria, you can expand your search to see a larger pool or candidates or zero in on the most qualified ones.

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The PcHunter List

The results of your searches can be sent directly to a PcHunter list. From the list, you can review each candidate’s background and eliminate unqualified people.

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Once we get an assignment, we are on the phone recruiting in minutes instead of days. PcHunter has increased our productivity by a factor of ten." Ali Behnam, Riviera Partners

Once you have the ideal candidate pool, PcHunter lets you work it in the way that’s best for you. Start calling directly from the search list window, or:

  • Send an email broadcast to everyone on the list
  • Send a form letter to everyone on the list
  • Save the list so you can use it another day
  • Print a call list to use tonight, after hours
  • Put the calls on tomorrow’s To Do List
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PcHunter speeds up your searches and puts you closer to the deal.

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