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Manage Your Time

Ask any guru. Whether they recommend a PDA, Day-Runner, or Morgan Planner - the key to time management is to set aside a little time to plan your day and then execute the plan on the following day. In other words, plan your work and work your plan.

Feature - Shortcut Menu

To Do List

PcHunter keeps track of everything you do via the Activities drawer in your desk. You can track activities, set reminders and use the integrated To Do List to plan your day. Every morning when you start PcHunter, your To Do List for the day pops up with all the names, numbers and information you need to start recruiting.


To close more deals, you have to determine the shortest distance between you and your next deal. You can organize your To Do List so that you focus on the highest priority calls first.

Work Flow Management

For Every Action, There is a Reaction. With PcHunter you don’t have to set aside extra time just to plan. Whenever you log an activity, the program prompts you to set up a response to that activity. You can set reminders for any activity so that nothing ever falls through the cracks. All your reminders and scheduled activities feed right into your To Do List.


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