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Analyze Your Success

I Even today, success flows from a formula. PcHunter gives you the tools you need to set goals and analyze your progress towards reaching those goals.

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Built-in Reports

With hundreds of built in reports, getting the information you need is only a click away.

  • How many business development calls did I make last week?
  • How many send-outs, interviews or offers were done last month?
  • How many placements did this recruiter make last quarter?
  • And many more…

Search Progress Report

For specific search assignments, you can print a search progress report that shows every activity that has been done for the assignment.


Comprehensive Activity Based Reporting

Using your customized activity types you can run activity reports to review almost every aspect of your business.


"We use PcHunter's activity reports in reviewing employee performance. I can predict next quarter's production from this month's activities." Perry Geib, ATSIM, Inc.

Custom Reports

In addition to standard built-in reports, PcHunter includes an industrial strength ad hoc report generator so you can create virtually any report you need.

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