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This tour is designed to show you how Tempus Fugit will actually be used to improve your business. As you browse through the following pages, you’ll see how Tempus Fugit can turn time into money.

Tempus Fugit strengthens your business in each of these key areas. Regardless of where your weak spots might be, Tempus Fugit helps you run a more balanced and effective operation.

1. Keep it Simple

Your systems have to be simple in order for your employees to accept and use them.

2. Organizing Your Data (Employee Records)

Your ability to service accounts is dependent on the size of your employee roster. As your roster grows, you have to automate in order to keep the information from becoming unmanageable.

3. Manage Your Resumes

To succeed in the digital age, you need a way to store and manage the most valuable information of all — resumes.

4. Business Development (Company Records)

You have to increase your client base and your existing account utilization to win against increasing competition.

5. Speed up Order Fulfillment (Job Order Records)

You have to beat the competition and fill the order first.

6. Improve Your Quality Management

Tempus Fugit quality management makes you the best staffing resource for your clients. By making planning a part of your system, you will keep details from falling through the cracks and keep yourself focused on the activities that will lead to your next contract.

7. Simplify Timeslip Processing, Billing and Payroll

Tempus Fugit’s integrated timeslip processing saves time, reduces staffing and avoids costly errors.

8. Know Your Business (Reporting)

The ability to see what clients, jobs and employees are most profitable help steer your business to where the money is.

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