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Organize Your Data

Your ability to service accounts is dependent on your employee roster. As your roster grows, you have to get organized to stay on top of all the information you’ve gathered.

Tempus Fugit Puts You in Control of Your Data!

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Employee Records

Your people drawer organizes your employee records, company contacts and leading players in your industry or niche.One of the secrets to handling large quantities of information effectively is to break it down into manageable sections.

Tempus Fugit shows you just the information you are looking for. Contact information is displayed first.

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Details like education, referrals and experience are available at the click of a button.

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  • Print or display a complete profile or activity history report when you need to know everything.
  • A direct link to external files (and your word processor) gives you live access to an unlimited number of electronic documents such as notes, references or resumes.

All of your files are organized in this "Contact --> Details --> Profile --> Notes" format so you always get just the information you need.

Complete Skill Assessments

In staffing services, you are selling skills. Tempus Fugit includes a system for storing a complete skills assessment with test scores in each employee record.

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Hours History

How long does it take you to look up an employee’s hour history now? Because Tempus Fugit integrates your front and back offices, an hours history is always available to your placement counselors and personnel coordinators. Now you can answer employee questions while you’ve got them on the phone, without interrupting the back office.

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