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Manage Your Resumes

With 90% or more of resumes being received via email, together with the thousands downloaded job boards and search results from online resume databases, its easy to see how crucial document management is as an integrated function of a practice management system.


From automatic creation of records to centralized storage and key word searches, Tempus Fugit is an enterprise class resume processing and storage plant.

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Automatically Create and Code Records

Eliminate data entry with Tempus Fugit’s built-in AutoEntry system. AutoEntry pulls pre-defined information from electronic documents creating and coding records with the click of a button. Imagine the time you’ll save by automatically building candidate records — one at a time or in batches. AutoEntry also works with paper resumes, by using an optional scanner and OCR software.

Tempus Fugit then establishes a direct link with the resume so that you can click one button and go directly to a fully formatted resume stored as an image or word processing document.

"Tempus Fugit's ability to link directly to electronic or scanned resumes saves us an incredible amount of work. We don't have to do as much data entry as we used to and when I have a manager on the phone, I can get the complete resume on my screen in a second." Mike Nardella, of Weston Associates

Centralized Storage

Resumes can be linked or "attached" to any record in your database. These files are moved to a central location and are accessible from anywhere on your network. Tempus Fugit also allows you to attach multiple documents to any one record enabling you to retain old resumes, references, or any other important documents.


DocSearch Keyword Search Engine

Using Tempus Fugit’s advanced keyword search engine, finding the perfect candidate has never been easier.

  • Boolean and Natural Language support
  • Define options to narrow or expand word search
  • Preview search results directly
  • Search within retrieved documents
  • View results in order by number of hits
  • Automatic update and maintenance of index library
  • E-mail results directly from DocSearch
  • Filter and send results to Tempus Fugit™ list
  • DocSearch can even be used to filter through new resumes.
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