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Business Development

To stand out in the crowd, you have to focus on your strengths. Most staffing services products only emphasize employee searches, but Tempus Fugit enables you to search for the companies whose needs best match the services you have in your employee roster.

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Company Searches

Focusing your business development builds your client base. It costs a lot to win a new customer. Tempus Fugit helps you make sure you are going after the accounts where you have the best chance to gain new business.

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Turning Relationships Into Contracts

One of the secrets to staffing success is building relationships and using them to your advantage. Unlike general business databases, Tempus Fugit maintains live links between your companies, people and job orders. You can follow the links through your data to uncover just the right company or contact.

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Getting More Business From Existing Accounts

Tempus Fugit sales and management reports make it easy for you to review service levels and anticipate peak periods of demand. Presenting this information to your clients shows that you care about their business and distinguishes you from the competition.

One of the keys to higher profits is to increase the utilization within your existing accounts. Tempus Fugit helps you do this by making it easy for you to add value with client reports and improving your client communications.

Telemarketing Tools

Integrated telephone scripts put you in control of the conversation and help all of your placement counselors provide information like seasoned pros.

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E-mail and Mail Merge

Good communications are vital to maintaining client relationships. With built-in form letters and automatic addressing keeping in touch with your valuable client is quick and easy.

By using Tempus Fugit’s built-in e-mail client, you can send an e-mail broadcast directly from a search list. Or if you prefer the paper route, with Tempus Fugit and your word processor, you can do sophisticated mail merge mailings to your accounts.

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