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Speed Up Order Fulfillment

When you’re working against the clock, you have to respond in hours, not days. While your competition is shuffling piles of paper, Tempus Fugit has you confirming the order.

The faster you can enter a job order, run a search and choose the best employees, the more business jobs you’ll take away from your competition. With Tempus Fugit, you simply respond faster than they do. Your customers will LOVE IT!

Feature - Shortcut Menu

Job Orders

Like people and company records, the job order window is laid out in a familiar index card format with the most important information displayed first.

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As always, the details are available at the click of a button.

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Duplicate Orders With Ease

How many times have you gotten an order for a job just like the one you placed recently? With Tempus Fugit, just duplicate the previous job order and modify the information instead of completely re-entering it.

Categorize Records With Keywords

You categorize your entire database using your own system of keywords called data codes. You use these keywords to search companies, people or Job Orders for specific industries, occupations, locations, skills and other information.

Micro J has authored a guide that explains how to set up a system of keywords that works for your practice. With Tempus Fugit’s built-in thesaurus, you never have to remember codes - you can select keywords by description. A FREE phone or online consultation is included with your purchase so you get things set up right the first time.

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As soon as you enter an order, you can instantly cross-reference your entire employee file to create a list of employees who match the job’s requirements. By changing search criteria, you can expand your search to see a larger pool of candidates or zero in on just the most qualified ones.

Select Profitable Employees

The ability to search by pay rates ensures that you only select employees who can make you money on the job.

Forget Availability Checks

Tempus Fugit can give you a search that only includes available employees. Think of how much time you’ll save!

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Review Results

The results of your searches can be sent directly to a Tempus Fugit list. The top of the search list displays employee records so you can review each employee’s skills, availability and pay rate - even call the employee without leaving the search list.

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Using Tempus’ integrated e-mail client and its advanced document management system, you can e-mail resumes directly to hiring managers with the click of a button. Have a real hot candidate? Run a search on hiring managers in his industry and broadcast the resume to all of them!

With optional equipment, you can fax resumes to your client without leaving your desk.

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