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Improve Quality Management

Tempus Fugit’s seamlessly integrated workflow management capabilities ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

For every action, there is a reaction. That’s why every time you record an activity, Tempus Fugit asks you to set up a response to that activity. For example, when you get an order, you can set up the next activity, which might be a thank you or confirmation letter. You can set reminders for any activity so that nothing ever gets forgotten or overlooked. All your reminders and scheduled activities feed right into your To Do List.

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Quality Checks

Never missing a quality check shows your customers that you care about business — yours and theirs. Tempus Fugit’s quality management approach also helps you find and fix problems that, if left unattended, could cause you to lose customers.

The one time you forget to check up on an employee is the one time something goes wrong and you lose an important client. This will never happen to you with Tempus Fugit because it reminds you when its time to do quality checks.

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When you assign an employee Tempus Fugit automatically:

  • Records that the job has been assigned
  • Sets a reminder for your first day quality control check
  • Sets a reminder for your last day quality control check
  • Adds employee information to the job order records
  • Updates the employee’s availability
  • Quality Checks show up automatically on the built-in To Do List so there is no opportunity for these important steps to be forgotten. You can also set up weekly checks or other verifications to match the requirements of your quality assurance program.

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Comp codes can be entered on a job order to factor Worker's Comp costs into job order costs. Create a Worker's Comp code for each category of employee that you place.

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Having complete audit trails helps you document the situation when an ex-employee files improper Worker’s Comp claims.

To Do List

Every morning when you sign into Tempus Fugit, your To Do List for the day pops up with all the names, numbers and information you need to get to work. You can prioritize your To Do List to focus on the most important tasks first.

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Tempus Fugit records all activity in your front and back offices in the Activities drawer on your desk. You can review activities and set reminders all from the integrated To Do List.

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