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Simplify Timeslip Processing, Billing and Payroll

It’s time to streamline your operations. Tempus Fugit integrates front and back office functions so you can focus on doing your job instead of running next door to look up some piece of information in another office. Timeslip histories, employee information and performance histories are available instantaneously.

The right level of automation improves productivity. Tempus Fugit keeps all your front office and back office personnel focused on the most important tasks - the ones that keep your customers happy and bring in more business.

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Automate Timeslips

If you’re still making one entry for timeslips, another entry for billing and yet another entry for payroll, you’re going to love Tempus Fugit. A single entry records timeslip data and sets up both billing and payroll. Forget all that wasted time and delays, forget all the errors that get introduced; Tempus Fugit does it all in one simple step.

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Basing timeslip entry on order records minimizes errors and shortens processing time. You can get more work done with less staff.

Employee History

Your front office doesn’t need to bother the back office for employee histories. For any employee, your placement coordinators can display an hours- worked history so they can answer employee questions without interrupting your back office operations. With Tempus Fugit, your entire operation runs more smoothly.

Billing and Payroll

Tempus Fugit gives you the choice of outsourcing your payroll or connecting with your favorite billing or payroll system by using custom export files. If you outsource your payroll, Tempus lets you create a detailed Payroll Audit Report directly from Tempus’ integrated timeslip processing system. If you already have a bill/pay system in place, use Tempus’ flexible custom export wizard to generate files suitable for your system.

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Tempus Fugit leaves your options open whether you need a new bill/pay system, already have one or use a temp funding service!

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