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Search List Enhancements

  • One click to convert a company list to a list of all linked people
  • One click to remove duplicate list Entries
  • One click to create an excel sheet
  • Shift & Click to Select Multiple lines from a list

Exciting changes in version 8 include new controls from the Micro J list window. Working with a group of selected candidates or companies is made even easier and more interactive in version 8. The new list commands are accessed form the list window title bar, and deliver powerful tools to change blocks of data, or re-classify candidate attributes on a large scale. Use these list commands to clean up datacode entries or manage an opt-in news letter. Learn more about these tools, list commands can improve all practice areas, marketing, recruiting, and research. In version 8 you can start from a list of companies and with a single click view a people-list of every person linked to the listed companies.

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