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Outlook Snap - Export to Outlook (Page 2 of 6)

With Version 9, Outlook Snap is included in all installations. Using Snap you can transfer your PcHunter and Tempus contacts directly into Outlook with the click of a button. Once the contact is transferred and the Outlook contact is created you can synchronize changes in Outlook using the list manager in PcHunter and Tempus. (Currently this sync is one-way. Changes made in Outlook cannot be transferred back into PcHunter and Tempus).

  • One-Click “Export to Outlook” access from any people record
  • Create and update your MS Outlook Contact from your Micro J list manager window
  • Maintain a list of contacts to keep updated in Outlook
  • Over 25 PcHunter and Tempus Fields can be transferred to Outlook
  • Once in Outlook you can sync this information with a wide variety of PDAs that support Outlook

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